Documentary Isleños, a Root of America

Louisiana, 1977. South of New Orleans, news of a stunning historical find is about to shock the inhabitants of St. Bernard Parish, a quiet rural community that has lived together since its inception in 1778, with a foreign language and unusual customs. The county historian makes the discovery public: the islanders of San Bernardo – as they determine themselves – are descended from 18th century Spanish emigrants from the Canary Islands. A link in Spanish history, which had remained hidden until now, is emerging again. The news shocked the entire community. Years of mystery about the origin of this people vanishes, opening a bridge to the past of two nations.

This incredible adventure began two hundred years ago with the arrival of 2,500 Canaries in Louisiana to defend the territories of the Spanish Crown against the English and has continued to the present day where we find the Canarian traditions, speech, gastronomy and idiosyncrasies present in a community, proud of their origins and in a constant struggle not to succumb to oblivion.

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